2014: Bring It, Part II

In Part I of this (very short) series, I shared how the end of 2013 went.  Now, I want to share my overall impression of 2013.

Every year I find that there is a central theme to the things God has taught me, and that theme can almost always be summed up in one word.

This year’s word?



I remember hearing a song lyric a few years ago:

When I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears
I will shed the sins and struggles
I have carried all these years
And I’ll leave my heart wide open
I will love and have no fear

It’s talking about Heaven and at the time I heard this song, I thought yes, that’s when I will be free…in Heaven.

But this year, I got to experience some of this freedom here on earth.  I rang in the new year happily eating cake with David. If you had known me a few years ago, this would have been unfathomable.  Sins and struggles…shed.

This year, I walked away from a job that I used to define myself by.  This year, I wrote my heart and shared it with people I knew.  And this year, I admitted to myself and to a few people that I love that I want to spend more time and dedicate more energy to writing in the upcoming year because I feel like I am being the full me—the person that God created me to be—when I write. Me,  letting myself do something without a guaranteed outcome.  Heart…wide open.

This year, I did my best to love well and to live with open hands and in the process, I saw and felt how perfect love drives out fear.  I’m in a totally crazy situation right now and yet my heart is expectant and trusting, not fearful.


I love the image above of David throwing Zoe because he’s releasing her, letting her be free, but not letting her fall.  She’s at peace because she knows he will catch her.  She’s at peace because she knows he knows what he’s doing.

The joy on her face is what I’ve felt this year.

Emily Freeman writes, “your ability to bring glory to God by simply being the person you fully are and embracing the job you’ve been given to do is a uniquely human privilege…Christ is in you and he wants to come out through you in a way he won’t come out through anyone else.”

This was the year I finally understood that.  This was the year I finally stepped aside and said okay.  I won’t keep trying to be the person I want to be…I’ll be the person I am.  The person you created me to be.  The person you delight in.

It was my year of freedom.

My next post (the final in this series) will detail my 2014 goals…written in the spirit of freedom, of course!

What word described your year? 

6 thoughts on “2014: Bring It, Part II

  1. So glad you stepped into such freedom in 2013. Obedience seems to bring that, doesn’t it? Even though it feels so counterintuitive.

    2013 for me was “restoration.” Hopefully a step on the way to freedom. 🙂

  2. I love that you finally got to experience some of the freedom that we can experience here on this earth. I think the word that best describes my year would be roller-coaster. This year was so full of times I wish I never had to experience and times that I would never change. I look forward to 2014 and what God has in store.

  3. I love this post, and love that picture and all that it represents. I think my word for 2013 would be joy–but not because the year was completely joyful. The year started out with the news that my brother would need major spine surgery…so at the beginning of 2013 we all just wished we could skip right to 2014. 🙂 But my mom said “joy” would be our theme for the year, and so worked hard to help all of us find joy during pre-surgery fears and post-surgery recovery. There were definitely moments when joy was nowhere to be found, and moments where we did find our joy, but what stands out to me most about this year is the fact that my mom brought us all together as we tried to figure out how to be joyful even when we weren’t necessarily happy. And I think that’s a lesson I’ll carry with me for life.

    1. You are wise beyond your years!!! (Which you are probably sick of hearing.) I loved this story and your mom’s example. As a mom, it really means a lot to me to hear how she set the tone for your family and how it influenced you. Thank you so much for sharing, Claire. Big hugs!!

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